I offer Professional and Humane Bat exclusion services.  First I locate the points in the building where the bats are entering and exiting.  These entry points can be as small as a dime.  Then I seal every gap in the structure that a bat could use to enter the building except for the point of entry.  A custom made one way exclusion system can then be strategically installed so that bats can leave but not return.  Usually within 4 to 5 days all the bats will have vacated the building unharmed.


Guano in your home or business can be a health hazard as well as reducing the safety and value of your property.  I offer complete guano removal and disinfectant services.  Please see the page on Health Hazards for more information.


I respond immediately 24 HOURS a day to your Bat Removal Emergencies (859) 957-4998.


With over 30 years of Residential and Commercial Construction experience, I can handle all structural/remodeling repairs to insure the safety of your family and value of your property as well as the Professional and humane exclusion of the bats.


Overall (Construction & Materials)  The construction of a bat house may be recommended to some folks experiencing these fascinating flying mammals.  The bat house is usually an independent pole structure which will be strategically located on the property.  The structure is made from weatherized materials to ensure years of low to no maintenance effectiveness.  Materials consist of pressurized lumber, cedar wood, coated screws and nails and custome cement base with a variety of sizes to fit your individual needs.

  • The Naturalist or Environmentalist - for some the advantage of a bat house nearby may be that of an observational perspective.  bat houses can provide an opportunity of endless animal watching fulfillment.  A sound and humane attempt to relocate a colony of bats from one's personal home to one that is more environmentally sound and eco-friendly.
  • The Residential/Investor - A bat house in or nearby a community can have a range of benefits.  First and foremost, the protection of your familys and neighbors health and home.  Having an alternate place to roost for bats decreases the chace of bats returning or choosing a neighbor's home to roost in.  Bat houses can prevent unnecessary repairs to damaged home and property.  Most bats consume insects, so the reduction of pesky flying insects is a benefit of having bats in your neighborhood.


Health Hazards/Diseases:  Bats can often be heard climbing in the walls, attics and floors of the homes where they live.  They can be especially noisy and lively on hot days but will move around sometimes even in the winter.  The bat dropping (guano and urine) produce a distinct odor that will also be more noticeable on hot days.  Other more serious problems can and do develop.

Cockroaches, bat bugs, ticks, mites and fleas are common parasites around bat colonies and their associated bat droppings.  Treating the house for these parasites is sometimes necessary and should be done by a Professional.

Histoplasmosis is a serious disease caused by breathing fungal mold spores that grow in dry guano or soil whre the nitrogen-rich guano has dropped.  Histoplasmosis can also be caused by chicken manure or starling droppings.  This respiratory disease is contracted by breathing airborne spores when guano or infected soil is disturbed.

Histoplasmosis causes lesions on the lungs and general failure of the lungs.  It is most damaging to young children and immune compromised adults.

Killing the fungus is a job for Professionals.

Rabies is probably the biggest fear people have of bats.  Facts have shown that less than 1% of bats are infected with rabies but you cannot tell if the bat has rabies by looking at them.  Bats rank 3rd, behind raccoons and skunks, as a cause for humans to get rabies.  To help prevent rabies:

  • An up-to-date vaccination of family pets prevents our pet from getting rabies and spreading.
  • Do not touch sick, grounded or dead bats.  Use heavy leather gloves if you must move a sick, grounded or dead bat.
  • If you are bitten, or if a bat lands on you, you should seek medical advice immediately.  Bat teeth are so small and sharp that sometimes people do not realize they have been bitten.  If possible, identify and collect the bat that bit you for medical diagnosis. 

Taking care of your bat problems in a humane and efficient manner.


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